I know part 2 of this smooth smoothie post appears first.  But the ‘part’ thing probably led you to believe a part 1 existed and here it is. BTW,  you probably will notice that many posts on this site are actually Face Book posts. That helps with our wish to avoid doing things twice and saves a lot on storage.  So here is the link to the post’s part 1. Click the link after the lead in and enjoy.

Here is how to make the best smoothie you’re ever going to have let me Define best. It has antioxidants in particular peppers, tomatoes, garlic, Omega-3 as found in flax seed that you just ground; also: it has hemp hearts, walnuts, raw Virginia peanuts, baby kale and a cruciferous vegetable mix, serrano peppers, jalapeno peppers, turmeric, black pepper and the liquid base is calcium coconut creamer. The sweetener is Stevia, organic Stevia liquid, from Trader Joe’s as are the vegetables. And check the movie Jack ingredients. Be well, be a well, and that is well being.




This post is about a particular dish RED GREEN AND BEAN in the La Vida Vegan database of dishes. We hesitate to use the word, recipes, here because recipe could refer to some other category of food  presentation e.g. a normal food dish, a drink/beverage, dessert, etc

RED, GREEN AND BEAN  is a salad type of dish.

Ingredients are:

  • salsa
  • cilantro
  • peanuts