About What We Are About

We are about life. Life is about food. The quality of life depends on the quality of the food we eat. As we 1) find a diet that befits our digestive systems and 2) as we follow that quality diet we 3) develop a habitual pattern or way of life.

As we settle into a dietary way of life that is healthiest for use we settle into a life of ‘way’. We are as consciously finding a way to optimize our diets and these ways we find by and by comprise a way of life

Our concern is helping humans get the healthy foods they need. We accomplish that via traditional methods: restaurants, take-outs, and food delivery.

This page is the first text for what will continually grow to be a healthier practical useful content of recipes, menus, and accesses.

Stick with us. Watch us grow!

The word “vegetarian” is still an OK word for me. But people change. Thus so will words.

Donald Watson coined the word “vegan” in England, in 1944 apparently for a group called “vegan society.” Watson said in 2004, “I invited my early readers to suggest a more concise word to replace all the variations. I settled for my own word, “vegan”. The word was accepted by the Oxford English Dictionary and no one has tried to improve it.”


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